Wonderful Women of Manchester

If there’s one thing you should know about me it’s that I’m a massive feminist. Although I’m a big believer in celebrating women 365 days a year, I do like to make an extra special effort on International Women’s Day so on 8th March 2019, I decided to wander around Manchester with the intention of meeting wonderful women and taking fabulous photos of them to mark the occasion.

In theory, I loved this idea. It seemed like the perfect way of combining the things enjoy – meeting people, creating, giving something back and shooting around Manchester. However, the reality meant this would involve stopping people in the street, asking if I’d be able to take their photo whilst trying to assure them I’m not just some weirdo with a camera.

And it was really hard. I bottled out of approaching sooooo many people and had a few awkward “no’s” so the hundreds of women I’d (over ambitiously!!) imagined photographing turned out to be a handful in reality. But, wow what a wonderful bunch of women they were and what a joy it was to create with them! And despite the rain, I walked and laughed and shared moments with strangers that gave me a full heart and taught me some very important things I’m going to try and do more of:

  1. Smile more – if you smile, people smile with you. It’s infectious in all the right ways!

  2. Slow down – take it all in, make time for yourself, find joy in what surrounds you

  3. Get off your phone – pay attention! You’re missing everything!!

  4. Say yes to things – exciting opportunities & experiences await you  

  5. Be kind – kindness breeds kindness. Make a difference, no matter how big or small

A huge thankyou to all the wonderful women who stopped, chatted and made my day by sparing a few minutes to step in front of my camera. No matter how tough and personally challenging it was, I couldn’t think of any other way I’d rather have spent my International Women’s Day. Maybe I’ll do the same thing again next year?! Hopefully see some of you there!